Why You Should Get Google Pixel Camera App for Your Smartphone

Everyone is so Crazy about this Google pixel Camera app that helps in unlocking the real potential of you smartphone camera. We will Discus all Details and Give you Reason for Why You Should Get Google Pixel Camera App for Your Smartphone.

But Do You Really know about all this Google Camera Stuff. I am Going to Answer all the Questions about it…

  • What is Actually Google Pixel Camera or Google Camera App?
  • How Google Camera is Different from my Smartphone Camera?
  • Why I need to Install Google Camera in my Smartphone?
  • How Camera Potential can be unlocked using this Camera App? What is Camera2api?
  • Why it Doesn’t Work in my Device?
  • How you get Google Camera for Your Smartphone?

Lets Cover all Topics in Detail in This Article.

What is Google Pixel Camera or Google Camera ?


Google Camera or Google Pixel Camera is a Android Application Specifically designed for the Google Pixel Devices. Which Means This App only works in Nexus and Pixel Phones.

In addition to this, The Google Developers have made this application in such a way that it cannot be even used in any other device like we normally do by sharing the apk file to the other phones.

• HDR+ Take pictures using HDR+ to capture fantastic photos, especially in low-light or backlit scenes.
• Video Stabilization Capture exceptionally smooth videos even if your hands shake.
• Smartburst – Hold down the shutter button to automatically capture a stream of photos and make moving GIFs.
• Photo sphere – Create immersive spherical photos.
• Lens Blur – Add elegant background blur (bokeh) to close-up pictures.
• Slow Motion – Capture action in epic slow motion video (up to 240fps on some supported devices).

Why You Should Get Google Pixel Camera App for Your Smartphone – DrabDroid

How Google Camera is Different from my Smartphone Camera?

Google Camera or Google Pixcel Camera is not that Simple as it Seems to be. It must be noted that Google Pixel Devices have only Simple 12 MP Camera which makes all the Features Possible. 


no smartphone is not able to beat the quality and perfection of google pixel camera, even after using multiple cameras and sensors (Dual, TRIPLE cameras)

even apple iphones are not able to beat this shit out.

A 12 Mega Pixel Camera with Google Camera App on One Side and All Other Smartphones including Giants like Samsung and Apple, on Other Side.

Google Pixels Beats the Quality and Perfection. All Because of the Best Ever Combination of Camera Hardware and Software Optimization. Google Camera Unlock the Whole Full Potential of the Camera Hardware in Smartphones.

In Addition it, Google had added Some of Unbeatable Advanced Features in Google Camera.

A Single 12mp Camera Gives you Portrait and Background Blur Effects Which are more realistic in comparison to Any Other Smartphone in Industry. More Advanced HDR Modes and Night Sight Feature, White Balance and all features enhance details and quality of Smartphone Photography.


 Should You Install Google Camera in my Smartphone? Why it Doesn’t Work in my Device?

Haven’t I Said Earlier that Google Camera is Only Developed for Pixel and Nexus Phones, and Even its APK cannot be installed in other devices. They why on the earth I am Saying that It can be installed in your Devices also.

Lets Make it Simple,

Developers Developed Google Camera for Pixel Phones Only, But Some Developers created a Custom Google Camera App for Other Devices.

Sorry, Its not That Simple to Explain,

The Real Thing is that Some Developers Worked (Just for Free) to Edit the Coding of Google Camera and Make it Compatible for other Devices too. Its Thats Simple to Explain. But Actually, this Custom (Modded) Version of Google Camera Still not work in ALL SMARTPHONES.

Instead, For EveryDevice in Market, Freelance Developers and Communities of Developers create the Custom Version for Every Smartphone. Which Simple take us to conclusion that we still cannot share the APK File and Use it in any device.

You Just have to find out a Google Camera App Specially Edited for Your Smartphone.


How Camera Potential can be unlocked using this Camera App?

You must have a idea about Hardware and Software. Hardware which we can touch and feel and Software is something that doesn’t have physical existence.

So, to Make hardware and software work together, Something Called Kernel is there. This So Called Kernel bring out coordination between hardware and software. So, Here We have Camera as Hardware and Google Android as Software.

Mr. Kernal Gives Various Permissions to The Software to Use the Hardware and In case of Camera in Smartphone, The Permission and Access Level to Camera hardware is called Camera 2 Api. Its That Simple in General Words.

So, Let me First Tell you about The Camera 2 API,

Camera 2 API have 4 Access Levels, viz. Full, Level3, Legacy, Limited.

If a smartphone offers Full Access Level to camera Software, The Real Potential of You Camera Can be Unlocked. But in case of Older Devices, Even 1 Month old devices do not have this Camera2 API Access Level Enabled to Full.

Google Camera use Full Access Level to Camera2 API and Make drastic revolutionary improvements to the Picture and Video Quality. So, In Most of Devices you have to Root that Device to Enable the Camera2 API.

But Rooting the Smartphone will put a ordinary user into risk of being hacked and additionally, Warranty of your Smartphone will also go Void.

Even Level 3 Access Level do Outstanding changes to the Camera and Picture Quality through Google Camera.

Why it Doesn’t Work in my Device?

As Explained Earlier, Google Camera is Only developed for Pixel and Nexus Phones. It is not seemed to work normally in any other devices but The Some Developers from XDA Developer Forum Worked on the Google Camera App and Created Custom Google Camera app for Other Devices as well.

Means You can Get This Camera in Your Device.

But Here, No one is Funding these Guys who is developing and editing the code of camera app and its not officially possible. So, Its just a community Contribution. Developers decoding and creating Custom Google Camera App for Various Devices.

It is really difficult to make it work on all smartphones at once but still Developers are trying to make it work on most of New Phones which have good processors and Latest android versions.

Currently it is Properly Supported in Devices with Snapdragon 636 Processor and Supposed to Work on Snapdragon 632 in Near Time…

Some Ports Even Works in Lower Processors and Devices but Not all the features…

Blur and Portrait effects works well in Most devices if You find Ported Google Camera for Your Device (Keep in Mind, Every Device is having different port of Google Camera, Different APK for Every Phone)

You already know why it doesn’t work in some cases because its not official.


How to Get Google Camera for Your Smartphone

Before you try to Find out Google Camera for Your Smartphone, Just Keep some facts in mind

  • Do Not go to Unreliable Websites. ( Some Hackers can Hack your Device)
  • Do not try something until you are sure what you are doing. ( your Device can get rooted or even bricked, and never boot again)
  • Watch YouTube Videos for best Reliable Results
  • All Features May not Work, But Still Working Features will be Awesome.

Lets Find Out How to Get Your Google Camera in Your Smartphone and Unlock true potential of your smartphone

You can search for Google Camera Device in Official and Popular Community forum

Google Camera Port Hub

Search on YouTube for Best Working Results as well as Proper Live Guide on how to do it.


Mr. DrabDroid is Going to Make is Simple for You in Coming Days… We will be starting Google Camera Collections that Really Works on Our DrabDroid.com as Well.


Quick Similar Steps in Installation of Google Camera in Any Device ( Only Therotical)

  • Case 1: Camera2 API Can be Enabled Without Root
    • Using You PC, You can Turn on Camera2 API with help of ADB Platform Tools
    • After Camera2 API is Enabled, Just Find Best Compatible APK of Google Camera from XDA Community or any trusted source and Simply Install it on your Smartphone.
    • It Must Work if it is for your device.. Try finding APK from YouTube Videos, Try multiple times and keep the best one.
  • Case 2: Camera2 API can be Enabled only after Root, and you are Ready to do it
    • It’s Very Simpe, You have to Root your Device and Lose Warranty.
    • Enable Camera2 API Simply from your PC using ADB Platform Tools
    • Installed Ported Google Camera for Your Smartphone
  • Case 3: Camera2 API can be enabled after root but You don’t want to root.
    • still Hope is there, Because in Some Devices, A Specific Ported Version with less features work.
    • This Ported Google Camera Will Work to Some Limitations, But still beat the normal Camera in some cases, Like Portrait Effect will work on Redmi5A.

Final Words,

Google Camera is Great Application and a revolutionary optimization to camera hartware but unfortunately google had decided to keep it in only pixel phones. Instead some Developers came forward and contributed to the Ported version of Google Camera and Provided as well as working on providing this revolutionary change in all the Devices.

Thats Very Simple, But Complete Guide about Google Camera,

If You Need Google Camera for your Devices Leave Comments with Your Smartphone Name, Mr DrabDroid is Here to Help you with a Safe and Reliable Method to Install Google camera on your Smartphone.

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