15+ Google Chrome Tricks and Tips That You Must know

If you are using Google Chrome as a browser yet, then you do not know anything about the Chrome.
There are so many functions in Google Chrome browser that if you use it well then you are absolutely like an expert.
You will be able to do all the work by browsing Google Chrome.

So Today I’m Gonna Tell You Hidden Tips and Tricks of Chrome Browser .I’m come up with amazing Tips and tricks.

15+ Google Chrome Tricks and Tips

1. In built calculator

Open the awesome Google Chrome browser, here you will see the address bar and in the first address bar you enter the name of any website and go to the website, but this address bar does something more different than that.

Is it works as a calculator, let’s find out the value of pi and here we have.

Find out PI

You have to click and simple type 22/7 immediately you will get an answer here. If you put any question here, you will get immediately answer.

There is an inbuilt calculator in this browser which can be used for any of your calculations.

A Quick calculation from google chrome

Can quickly do a long calculation see 3+3+6*6/7+=11.1428571429.You do not need to open the calculator if you have to do any calculation immediately.

2. Google Chrome as a Media Player

Media Play in Google Chrome

If there is no media player in your computer. If you are not supporting any file right now.
open the simple Chrome browser and draw any video file you have and in the address bar Leave it like this once you have to enter simple and you will see that your video file here will start playing, here you will get media control options also.

3. Preview of Image

Image preview on Chrome

Incase if there is no image viewer in your computer. You want to see the preview of any image. For that the browser will be an image preview and will work anytime.

You can simply to pick up any image and leave it in the address bar, then you will see the preview of the image. This browser here supports many different image formats.

4. Pdf View and Download Webpages as Pdf

You Can Easily Download Pdf.

The biggest benefit is that you do not have a PDF reader and if you want to open a PDF file app, then all you have to do is that you get any PDF file.

It is best to leave the address and enter it, the PDF file you will give here will quickly open in your browser. Your Google Chrome browser is a also works as a PDF reader.

The browser has inbuilt PDF writer. Open any web page in the browser,press“CTRL+P” together on Windows and Linux, press “CMD+P” together on your MAC.

Now, you would see a lot of printer options in “destination,” click on “change” under “Destination” and click on “Save as PDF.”

Preview on Chrome Browser

5. Mute site and Tab

Mute and unmute tab

How can I Mute site or Tab .If you playing a song in site like Youtube .And you working on other tab . what to do?

You have to go to the simple step.Right click and here you will get the option of mute site. Any site that opens in it, its sound will be muted and you will not hear its sound.
If you want to hear voice.click right and click on unmute site.

You can un-mute any website to open a duplicate. You just have to right click here and go to the duplicate and the same URL will be opened in the tab.

6. Pin Tabs

you can easily Pin Tab

If you are going to use a site or service in a web session, you can “pin” a tab in Chrome, which will shrink the window to the size of a favicon, leaving more room for multi-tasking.

This prevents the tab from being lost on the side of the screen when you have several open simultaneously.

To do this, right-click on the tab you want to pin and hit “Pin Tab”. To enlarge the tab, just right-click and hit “Pin Tab” to uncheck the option.

7.Open Multiple Pages on Startup

Open multiple tab

Instead of just one trusted homepage, you can get Chrome to open multiple pages, as it starts, giving you quick access to the sites and services you want to start your day with.

It is easy to install. Just click the Four Dot icon in the top right of your browser window, select “setting” and underthis you can see startup setting .

Here you can add pages to open in startup your browser .You can simply add pages in it .You can also set previously opened page in this time .

Now, the next time you fire your browser, those pages will automatically load in the order in which you entered them, saving your some precious time.

8.Use AutoFill to Auto-Complete an Address

You can Use it for autofill

If you find yourself typing your address over and over again, you may want to consider Chrome’s AutoFill options that can remember it and protect you from repeat attempts.

To activate the feature, click on the FourDOt icon, select “Options”, then click on “Personal Stuff”, then select “Autofill Options”.

By selecting “Add Address”, you can enter your details. The next time you are presented with a form, you do not have to manually write it in all.

You can also choose to add a credit card through AutoFill, but for security reasons we would recommend thinking twice before going down that route.

9. Quickly close any tab

You can close any tab much quicker in this browser, use shortcut keys Ctrl + W or Ctrl + F4.For Downloading This Browser

10.Google Chrome Android App Secret Dinosaur Game for Android

Dinasaur game in Chrome

Play a secret game on your Android mobile when you are not connected to the Internet. When your Internet is not working. The browser shows you the screen with this message.

Just double tap Dinosaur icon in your browser and you can play this secret game in your Android mobile Or Laptop, Pc. This is one of the best ways to spend time when your internet is not working .

11. Reduce Data Usage and Save Your Mobile Data

When you browse the internet on your Android mobile you want to save your mobile data. Enable the data saver option in Google Chrome to reduce data usage in your mobile.

Go to Settings >> Data Saver >> On. Now you can save mobile data in your phone and also see how much data you can save from this graph.

12. Request a Desktop Website

Open Website In DesktopStyle

You can also open the desktop version of a website in your Android mobile by requesting a desktop feature in Google Chrome.

Simply click on the Three Dot Button on mobile .Click on Desktop site .

13. Browse Your Memory Cards Files

Open Your browser and type file:///sdcard/  in url bar or you can click this link. When you click this link you see your memory card file directory in Google Chrome.

14.Turn On Do Not Track Feature in mobile

If you Thinking about your privacy on the Internet, enable this feature in Google Chrome. This feature is turned off by default when you download this browser.

When you use this feature, the website you browse is unable to track you. Open this setting and privacy to enable the Do Not Track feature.

15. Remove Irritate URLs

Remove Irritaed Url From Chrome

When you type a few characters in Chrome’s address bar, the browser will suggest a URL that matches your web history. If there is a specific URL that you do not want to appear in the list of suggestions.

You can easily clear the history or remove it from the address bar itself. Highlight any auto-complete URL in the drop-down list and press Shift + Delete to permanently delete it.

16. Google Chrome Keyword Shortcuts

Here are the most important shortcuts.
Ctrl + 1-8: pressing Ctrl and any numeric button (1 to 8) will move your corresponding tab in your tab bar.
Ctrl + H: show history
Ctrl + J: open the downloads window
Ctrl + k: move cursor into the address bar
Ctrl + T: open a new tab
Ctrl + Shift + T: undo closed tab.

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If You read all the above.Then You Got Amazing Chrome Tricks and Tips.Which is you can use for increase your work efficiency .I Hope this Information Helpful to You.If You have any issue with these Tips.Just comment below.

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