Best Multiplayer Games In 2019


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I am going to show you Best Multiplayer Games in 2019. we have lot of games in play store.
Which one is the best it is difficult to say. But if we compare to these games review we have some awesome games.

These Are Best Multiplayer games in 2019:-

Let me show about you these best multiplayer games in detail
So lets dig in



Best multiplayer in -

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First of all we have to know what kind of game is this. This is online multiplayer game.

In which game 100 player can fight for each other for  surviving. Player have option to choose which type of mode he wants to play.

Solo mode:- in this mode you are alone in the game who have to survive. You have no team mates .

Duo mode:-in this mode you have a one partner. You can choose your friend as a partner  or games choose your partner automatically. One of the best advantaged of this mode is if you injured in this game your friend can revive you and you can be alive in  this game.

Squad:-in this mode 4 player can play as a team against other teams. This is much more like duo mode but difference is you have 2 more partners.

Tricks for pubg to survive:-

  • Don’t land in the water.
  • Keep moving.
  • Collect weapons, ammo, armor and bag pack first .
  • Keep watching map.
  • Communicate with your friends with duo and squad mode.
  • Help your friends in duo and squad mode like revive them.

Best guns in PUBG :-

All guns are good. They have a good  feature in itself but best gun is kar98k.



2. Free Fire

Best multiplayer in - drabdroids.2..png b

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Free fire is similar to PUBG . This is a online multiplayer game. In this game 50 player can play at a time. In this game you have  option to choose game mode just like solo, duo and squad mode.

Tricks for free fire:-

  • Don’t land in water.
  • Keep moving.
  • Keep watching map.
  • Communicate with your friends.
  • First of all collect weapons, ammo, armor and bag pack.

Best gun in free fire is famus.



3.Modern Combat 5

Best multiplayer in - drabdroids.0.jpg 2

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Modern combat is one of the best game that i had ever played. This is a online games. In this game you have various mission to complete. In this game player can assign a class of to the solider which ranger from assualt, heavy, sniper, bounty hunter. All missions are different and different style to play. Each mission can run at least 5 min. or less then 5min.

Tricks to play this game:-

  • First of all adjust your controls if you need.
  • If you are first time play this kind of game go to games setting and on auto shoot.
  • Obtain medals for in game and more xp.
  • Keep reload your guns.




Best multiplayer in 2018.jpg88

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Clash of clan is online multiplayer game where you can build your town. In this game you have to build your forts with gold, elixir, resources and over a time players build their various type of troops like giant , wizards etc.

Tricks For This Game:-

  • Base is most important thing. Set a defensive  base.
  • If you want to gain gold quickly the best way is use your attack in the morning.
  • Event is helpful to boost up your clan.
  • upgrade your army timely.
  • upgrade your gold storage’s, elixir storage’s etc.
  • mainly focused in your defense buildings.Upgrade these building timely.




Best multiplayer in - drabdroids.0.jpg 1

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This is a online battle game. This is a strategic mode game.This game is published by Supercell.In this game you have to collect cards. what kind of army you have is depended on your cards you have gained.

Tricks To Play This Game:-

  • First of all balance your clash royal deck.
  • Use only that unit that target tower.
  • Best way to send your army first send giant then bomber.
  • Fastest way to level up is you need to gain more experience. In simple way play this regularly. Donate gold farm or xp as well as you can.


All of these games are best but trending game is PUBG .Thanks for reading…. ………….



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